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Heather Booth gives good aerial

Her classes were always challenging, her choreography always creative and her teaching always accessible. I never felt chubby, uncoordinated or stiff in Heather’s classes. She is one of the best aerial teachers. – Shelley Simpson, Small & Mighty Marketing

The silk is up!

What makes many an aerialist’s heart race, palms sweat and pupils dilate? A 27 foot, freshly rigged, and washed SILK! It’s up at FuzionFit and ready for you to take a class. Or maybe you want a private lesson? You can take one of those too! Just don’t delay because life is short.   #aerialsilkporn

Lyra Classes at FuzionFit

A Lyra (also known as an aerial hoop) is a circular steel apparatus (much like a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which performers perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.

4 day Acrobalance Workshop at the Waldorf High School

Heather taught a 4 day acrobalance workshop at the Waldorf High School in Makawao. The workshop was specifically designed to integrate with “Social Issues” week which included discussions on gender, sexuality, and communication.  Heather developed the workshop with a focus on the importance of touch, teamwork, communication, and building community through circus arts. Heather is available […]