Aerial Instruction for Adults & Children

We offer private and group lessons for students of all levels in a safe and supportive environment.

welcome to our aerial ʻohana

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Classes will run in 6 weeks sessions and each student will have their own rigging point. As we learn more about COVID and aerial studios, our schedules and policies may change. Mahalo for your patience as we navigate a new business during an unusual time.  We are receiving our guidance from the American Circus Educators Organization recent COVID-19 Response Guide, which you can find here:  FINAL-ACE.AYCO_Covid19_Response_Guide.pdf

In addition, Open Gyms will be limited to 8 aerialists who want to train solo, and up to 16 aerialists if you have a “training buddy” with whom you agree to share equipment.

SAFETY PROCEDURES: All students are required to wash hands before entering, take slippers off immediately upon entering, use hand sanitizer, and remain at their equipment or on their own stretching/yoga mat during class or open gyms.  Immediately after class is over, students must exit the studio so the instructor can clean and prepare equipment for the next class.

CLEANING POLICY: All aerial apparatus will be cleaned or “quarantined” between use.

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