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Lessons for Adults & Children

We offer aerial classes for all levels in a safe and supportive environment at Maui Aerial Arts.  We offer weekly group classes, drop-in classes, open train sessions, private and group private lessons, and studio rentals. 

All drop-ins must register online at least 4 hours before class and any cancelations must be made at least 4 hours before class begins.

Important Dates

Summer Session 2024 (June 1 – August 9)

Summer Camps – 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday

  • July 15 – 19
  • July 22 -25

Fall Session 2024 (August 12 – October 11)

Winter Session (October 14 – December 20)


New to Aerial?

Get to know our equipment

  • Aerial Silks for Kids

  • Aerial Dance Trapeze

  • Aerial Lyra / Hoop

  • Aerial Silks Duo

  • Aerial Rope

  • Dance Trapeze

  • Aerial Lyra / Hoop

  • Aerial Dance Trapeze

  • Aerial Lyra (Hoop) Duo

Heather Booth gives good aerial. Her classes were always challenging, her choreography always creative and her teaching always accessible. I never felt chubby, uncoordinated or stiff in Heather’s classes. She is one of the best aerial teachers.

We dropped in for open gym while in Maui on vacation and it was great! There was a focus on safety & community and we had some awesome skill sharing time as well. Would definitely recommend for visiting aerialists!!

Heather taught my daughter and we had complete confidence in her ability and knowledge. She always has safety first in mind and that is so important to have in an aerial instructor! She choreographed creative and energizing acts for her and never hesitated to challenge her. We miss her and any aerial arts studio is lucky to have Heather as an instructor and performer!

Heather is a great instructor, and can adjust to meet you at any level. She’s very patient and her classes are always a fun! Not only does she know silks, but she’s also an excellent lyra AND trapeze teacher! I’d highly recommend classes from her if you’re interested in any aerial art.

Heather is a phenomenally supportive and very experienced teacher! Both her teaching and aerial skills allow everyone to benefit from classes, whether a novice or not. She brings together creativity, challenges, and fun all while ensuring the safety of her students. Heather is able to tailor routines or suggest modifications based on each student’s ability/strengths. I am very grateful to have learned lyra and some dance trapeze under her and she expanded my dance silks horizons immensely! Maui is very fortunate to have her there!

Heather is a fantastically supportive and patient teacher. Being someone who never had any natural upper body strength and took much time to build it up just to do some basic aerial moves, Heather knew what to do to help me to be patient with myself and let me grow and improve in my time. I looked forward to our sessions every week and miss her teaching back here in Denver!

Heather is an amazing instructor. She cares for her students and knows how and when to challenge them. Her knowledge of skill progressions and transitions on apparatuses is immense. She knows how to motivate everyone form beginners to seasoned performers.

Heather is by far the best Aerial teacher I’ve ever had. No matter how challenging or crazy the skill or trick she was teaching was, she explained it in a way that even the most beginner student could understand. I’ve seen her teach 10-15 different students, all at completely different levels & control the class & keep everyone engaged & safe. As a teacher myself, I know that is extremely hard to do. She made classes fun, enjoyable, demanding & creative & safe all at the same time. The woman has skills & a great sarcastic sense of humor.

Heather brings a great combination of technical experience and expertise without forgetting fun and safety. She gave me exactly the right level of challenge and I loved being able to be both strong and feminine, and sometimes even graceful! Heather’s teaching style encouraged camaraderie among different ages, personalities, and strengths and her classes were always fun.

Heather is a phenomenal aerial instructor. She is inventive, thorough, and prioritizes safety without limiting creativity. She creates an incredibly supportive, noncompetitive environment in which everyone can learn and grow at their own pace. She is particularly skilled with teaching adult learners and encouraging camaraderie and community among her students. I enjoyed every moment of my classes with Heather and miss her terribly.

I had the most amazing experience at Maui Aerial Arts! Heather is incredibly kind, supportive and extremely knowledgeable in circus arts and safety. She tailored the lessons to my strengths and gave me progressive modifications for my weaknesses in such fun and creative ways, I had a blast! Heather and her staff are AMAZING! Definitely recommend!

Talented instructors and aerialists. They teach and perform in a way that supports the community!