Missed Classes and Make-up Classes

Students are allowed up to two class make ups for missed classes if they give notice prior to missing class. If there is another section of the class, students may attend that class (pending room in the class) as a make up.  All make-ups must be completed during the 6, 8  or 10 week session. We may also offer a make-up class at the very end of the series if we have several students from different classes who need make-ups Please contact Heather to arrange for make-ups.

What should I wear to class? We recommend snug fitting clothing similar to what you would wear for yoga.  No jewelry as it can damage the equipment and cause injury.

What should I bring to class? An open mind and a bottle of water!  You can also bring your own yoga mat for warm up and cool down, but we do have some mats available.

Do I need to be strong to start aerial? No experience is necessary for any of our beginner classes. We all start somewhere and we start low! You will get stronger with each class as we slowly take our skills into the air as the class progresses.

Can I watch a class? If you are interested in seeing a class before you register, contact heather@mauiaerialarts.com and we can set up a time for viewing part of a class.

Can I watch my child’s class? We don’t allow parents to stay for an entire class as it becomes disruptive to the teacher and students.  We need our teachers and students completely focused on the tasks at hand with safety as our top priority.  However, we do make exceptions when necessary (a nervous or shy child may request a parent at the beginning of class).  Also, we know you want to watch!  So, each teacher will plan for a day when all parents can come see what their kids have learned.  This usually happens towards the end of a session.


We do not offer refunds for missed drop-in classes, open gyms, private lessons, or class series purchases.

However, on a case by case basis we can apply credits if for some reason you or your child cannot finish a session due to illness, emergency, or unique situation.  Please contact Heather with any requests.