Aerial Silk Classes at FuzionFit

Aerial Silk in Maui

Aerial Silk is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric (“silk”). Performers climb the fabric without the use of safety lines, relying only on their training and skill to ensure safety. The fabric is used to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

Aerial Fabric Level I
Tuesdays – 10:30 – 11:45
FuzionFit, 810 Kokomo Rd, Haiku, Hi 96708


Aerial Fabric is a great way to improve upper body strength, core power, flexibility, and coordination. Students will be introduced to climbs, locks, keys and basic progressions.  Don’t know what those things are?  Come to class and find out!

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