Aerial Class Descriptions

If you are uncertain of your level, please contact us for help in placing you in the right class!

All one-hour classes include a 5-10 minute warm up, 40 minutes of skill and technique work, 5-8 minutes of free time to work specific skills, and a cool down. Choreography classes are 75 minutes and the series concludes with a showcase.

Silks Foundations

No experience necessary to join and a great option for those who don’t feel ready to make the longer commitment to a level 1/1.5 silks class. This is an intro to the intro class! In 4 weeks students will learn very basic knot and foot lock work from the ground.

Silks Level 1

No experience necessary to join. This class is perfect for students who are new to aerial silks, for those who have some experience with silks but who are still beginners, or for those who are trying to master Level 1 skills from a climb. Students will learn climbs, inversions and skills in the knot, foot locks, and sequences on the ground and in the air.

Silks Level 2

Pre-requisites include climbing, foot locks from a climb, ability to link together multiple skills in the air (inversions helpful but not required). Students must be able to execute certain skills (Circus and Russian climb, single foot skills in air, double foot lock skills in air, Rebecca Split sequence from a climb).

This class will teach hip keys, belays, cross-back straddles, inversions, and closed and slack drops, and new sequences and phrases all while improving technique and building strength.

Silks Level 3

Pre-requisites include inverts and knowledge of same-side hook and opposite-side hook, hip keys, belays, beginner drops (saltos, slack drops, or other closed drops) foot lock skills, and competence in level 1 and 2 skills, or approval by an instructor.

Students will learn more complicated skills, sequences and drops, will be challenged to combine skills in new ways with new pathways, and will be introduced to new phrases to challenge their technique.

Hammock Level 1

No experience necessary.

In this class students will learn how to get into the hammock and how to execute basic hammock inversions and skills.

Hammock Level 2

Pre-requisites include knowledge of hammock basics and the ability to invert multiple times during class.

In this class students will learn more complicated skills, wraps and choreography in addition to drops.

Dance Trapeze Level 1

No experience necessary. In this class students will learn basic trapeze skills such as how to mount the bar, proper technique and form, how to execute basic skills, and will build strength and flexibility. Perfect for those totally new to aerial arts or those with minimal experience.

Dance Trapeze Level 2 & 3

Pre-requisites include previous trapeze experience and the ability to invert under the bar in addition to basic skills (knee hangs, mermaid, gazelle, dolphin, flag, amazon, etc.)

In this class students will learn more difficult skills and sequences and more complicated line work, rotations, spins (if they like spinning)