We are excited to announce that Maui Aerial Arts and Airmaid Productions will debut our first feature length aerial production on Saturday, November 17th, 7pm.  This show is the first of its kind on Maui and it will be a ONE NIGHT ONLY performance so put it in your calendar now!

Learn more about the show and us in this excellent profile by Michael Pulliam of the Maui Times

The Map of Leaving features 13 performers from Maui, the Big Island, & Oahu who have come together to tell stories through their artistic disciplines, including a mix of aerial acrobatics on trapeze, rope, lyra, silks, hammock, and cube, as well as dance reprises and partner acrobatic acts.

The title of the show comes from Jack Heflin’s collection of poetry which examines the wonderful terribleness of life.  Excerpts of his work will help to fuel the show.

This show will be a great experience for those interested in storytelling through movement.  While surveying universal themes, we will take you on a journey of the memories of the past, the intimacy of the now, and the aspirations of the future.  How is a life understood?  How do we define ourselves?  Our stories are not just about where we are going, but also about the emotions, people, expectations, and places that we leave behind.

We welcome an audience of 12+ years for this show.  Tickets on sale at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center website.

We will be actively raising money to help us with the expenses of this self-produced show.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us at heather@mauiaerialarts.com.

We are proud to have Down the Hatch, Vertical Art Dance, FuzionFit, Dazzle Maui, SilverTree Films, and Kato Construction as some of our generous sponsors!